What is The Author Encounter?

Professional Author Bethany Averie in front of water front

May 25, 2020

What is The Author Encounter? by Bethany Averie

The Author Encounter was designed to bring authors and fans together specifically through tailored events for particular season and/or genre. It’s run by a reader and an author who have the goal of creating options for all sorts of authors—whether bestsellers or not, new or established. It’s also for fans to discover more about their favorite authors and/or gain new favorites.

For our first event, we’re going with a Wine Bar & Café location—simple elegance, with a Romance genre theme. We’ve got a mixture of NY Times Bestsellers and lesser-known authors. Authors get to spend time with their readers in a way they don’t always get to in a bigger more generalized setting. This way, we can cater to different genres and authors’ needs, while still making it appealing to readers. Editors, publishers, and agents can use us as a resource—either they or their authors can contact us (they’re welcome to attend our events, as well). Whether they have a new or established author who needs some more exposure, or someone with a new release.

Along with our specialized events, we’re working on providing an online forum most specifically for authors to gain resources. We’ll provide things for readers as well, but the online portion is likely going to be geared toward our members. We’re looking at planning raffles for all interested (free entry), etc.

With us, it’s about how far one’s imagination can go—from sipping wine and talking about love, to whodunit and everything in between. For us, the sky’s the limit.

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