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August 19, 2020

Just two more weeks until me and my narrator, Chris J.Hudson, present our webinar, Done By Christmas: The Making of An Audiobook. I can scarcely believe we’ve got another opportunity to present this workshop again. It’s been two years. We’re very excited and I owe it all to the company I co-founded, The Author Encounter.

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Chris j. Hudson

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Bethany Averie

While I’m still writing, (and my writing is important to me, of course) The Author Encounter means a lot to me because it’s giving opportunities to showcase authors in all different stages of their careers. Readers will get a chance to interact with authors in a more “intimate” way than some author events. And the events are more than a book signing. They’re meant to be unique experiences. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, we had to put our inaugural in-person encounter on hold (Books & Beauty). We’ve got most everything for the event, but we’re keeping it for whenever we can do an in-person event again. What we’re doing is different than anything I’ve done as a writer–it’s on a smaller scale (to create that intimacy I mentioned) and each event is themed towards a particular genre (Books & Beauty is themed around Romance). But, for now, everything will be virtual. We’re going to have a costume contest on Instagram, we’re putting together books we’re thankful for in November and a scavenger hunt in December (I love Christmas and so does my co-founder, Nan, so we’re hoping to do this up very Christmassy).
Our company is open to various genres across the board–including Non-Fiction and we very much would like you, my darling readers, to join!
We recently got a Celtic Author (who’s bio was fun to read–originally from Belfast, and found his way down to Texas!) named David H. Millar. We’ve got some other members, too and working on building a member page on our website (not sure when that will be ready, but it’s on our list to accomplish).

This brings me back to my webinar...

It’s open for registration now. But, with one caveat…if you’re a member you only pay the annual membership fee and then you can get access to the webinar for no extra cost (and that membership fee will get you into other exclusive member content as we roll it out), but if you don’t join, it’s going to be an extra cost. So, I definitely encourage everyone to join.

As for writing…


I’m working on an idea…I’m not sure if it’s panning out or what, but I’m working on it. I’m also in the process of self-publishing Divine Love back into E-book and paperback with a brand-new cover! (Done by the ever-talented, Fiona Jayde–who did do the original cover, as well). Self-publishing has been a bit of a mess for me. There is a lot I have to look into and do that I didn’t before, but I love this book so much that I want it out to my readers.

And I’m reading, of course…


I did some catch-up reading, too. I finally read C.C. Hunter’s This Heart of Mine (very good!) and I read the two books that have been released in Jennifer L. Armentrout‘s Origin series (also good).  I’m hoping Harley Brooks comes out with part 2 of book 2 in her Designer Genes series really soon. 

I’m excited to see how Kiera Cass’s The Selection works out for Netflix. So far they don’t have a cast list–and it’s in the very early stages of everything (and I’m not sure how this all works during a pandemic). So, I’ll have to keep an eye on that for sure!

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