The Author Encounter Presents: Traditional Publishing Day!

Sept 17-18, 2021 | Houston, tx

 Each year, The Author Encounter Hosts Indie Author Day. An event celebrating independent authors around the world. Libraries, communities and people in all aspects of publishing come together for education, networking and so much more. This year we want to add to the celebration by having a Traditional publishing Day! We will be exploring resources for authors, query letters problems, and independent bookstores needs from authors.

 The Event is free, but rsvp is required. Scroll Down For More Information


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The Author Encounter

The Author Encounter (TAE) is a unique author promotion community created to promote, assist, and support authors and publishing professionals in reaching their career goals. The Author Encounter hosts, promotes, and organizes events for both individuals and agencies in the publishing and related industries. TAE also provides one-of-kind opportunities and tools to authors and publishing industry professionals to network and grow in the publishing industry. For more information about us follow our Get To Know Us series on our blog.

Traditional Publishing Day  Schedule

September 17-18, 2021

Central Time Zone

6:00 pm

With Bethany Averie

Road Mapping For Your Author Career(an in-depth look at resources for authors)
11:00 am

Bookstore  Panel

Bookstore Panel (local Houston Area bookstores) and learn what how to  submit your book and what they look for in a book.

2:00 PM

with Ann Rose

Quelling Your Query Conundrums (A query letter workshop with an actual literary agent)

5:00 PM

Traditional Published Panel


We are meeting new people in the industry everyday so we have this spot open just in case more great content becomes available to you.

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Road Mapping Your Author Career

 Road Mapping For Your Author Career offers a look at resources, and options available to authors and publishing professionals. Shifting through the barrage of websites and tools can be difficult, and time consuming. Bethany Averie offers expert author to author options for resources and tools to help guide an inspiring author along their chosen career path.


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Bookstore Panel Discussion

BlueWillow Bookshop, Katy budget books and Gulfcoast Comics are locally owned and operated  in Houston, Tx.These indepentant  books stores have been selling traditional published books and independently published books for years. They are in a unique  position to share their  knowledge and experience of selling books with inspiring authors.

image for a query workshop with Ann Rose from the prospect agency

Quelling Your Query Conundrums

Quelling Your Query Conundrums is an interactive workshop for inspiring authors and writers. Reviewing and quelling problems with your query letters can be difficult on your own. Ann Rose offers expert advice and professional thoughts to help you put your best foot forward with every query letter.


the banner for the traditional author day panel

Traditionally Published Author Panel

 Lesley Livingston, Tom Philips and C.M. McGuire are traditionally published authors. They have gone through the process of querying for an agent and working with a traditional publisher. During this panel discussion,they will share their knowledge and experience of the traditional path with you.

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This Event is Free, But There’s Only Room for 100!


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Indie Author Day! November 12-13, 2021


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The Author Encounter

Bringing Fans and Authors Together

Each year, The Author Encounter Host Indie Author Day. An event celebrating independent authors around the world. Libraries, communities and people in all aspects of publishing come together for education, networking and so much more. This year we have added more interactive workshops and panel dicussions.

Missed last year’s sessions, that’s okay you can watch all the fun on The Author Encounter Youtube channel.

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