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August 8, 2021

Experiences: Online events

Encounters: In-person events

Passive Events: Featured authors don’t have to be present (Blog hops, online costume contests, etc), interaction with audience/contest entrants unlikely

Active Events: Featured authors/presenters must be present/interaction with the audience is likely.

At The Author Encounter, we care about interaction. Most of our events–even the online ones–are geared toward maximum involvement between presenters/guests and audience. It’s part of what we offer in terms of networking. These events are what we term active because they require those featured (or those who are presenting) to be there (even if we’re taping it for a later date the person still has to show up). These events are probably the most important ones because they’re the ones that bring in the most promotional opportunity for our members–specifically our author members. Even if an author member isn’t the featured presenter/guest, it’s still a good idea for them to show at these active experiences and encounters because their names and what they write will be mentioned. The more events, the more times your name is mentioned–which builds recognition with our audience as well as an author’s.

Of course, active experiences (online events) and encounters (in-person events) aren’t the only type of events we offer. The passive ones–where a guest/presenter’s presence is not required, can drive traffic to an author’s website or blog and/or social media. 


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