The 1st contest an Indie Author should enter this year!

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March 31, 2021

As an indie author, you’re probably looking for ways to promote your books and get them into Libraries. Contests, Awards, and collaborative works often serve as a great way for getting your books in front of larger audiences. There are many contests spread out throughout the year can help you with this goal. Some local and some national, but going over each is not within the scope of this article. This article is about a contest held early in the year. The Indie Author Project contest opens April 1, 2021 across the nation in different states and regions. Therefore, the 1st contest an indie author should enter this year is the Indie Author Project Contests.  


What is the Indie Author Project Contests?

Started in 2018, The Indie Author Project hosted contests to find the best indie titles available in all genres across the country. The goal of the contests is to not only bring attention and awareness of great indie works to the public. Its to build a strong relationship between indie authors and local libraries. The success of the first contests encouraged the indie author project to expand the contest so with each comes more new contests to regions allowing more opportunities for indie authors. 

How to enter an Indie Author Project Contest?

The indie author project starts on the local level, so first go to:

The contest does not open until April 1, 2021, so the new links will not be available until then. However, the information about eligibility and prizes is there on the page. Go ahead take a look!  See if you’re eligible, if you plan to submit come back on April 1st and find your state and submit in your area to your local library. If there’s not a contest in your area go ahead and submit your book to the Indie author Project Share found here:

May next your region have its first contest.


Still not convinced you should submit your work as an indie author?

Here are some prizes you could win:


$500 each in adult and young adult categories

Minnesota winners will receive $1,000 each

Honors at the 2021 spring IAP Reception

Opportunities to promote your book(s) at public libraries

Inclusion in a full-page print spread in Library Journal

Opportunities to earn royalties through the IAP Select collection

The opportunity to be part of Indie Author Project Library Editions, a print book program focused on sales to public libraries and available exclusively for winners of these regional contests

Additional prizes and opportunities vary by region


Prizes not enough to convince you. Take a look at Ran Walker, the 2019 Indie Author of the Year! After winning the award, he was featured in both the Library Journal and Publishers week.Then asked to be on faculty of Writers Digest and the stage at Library Journal Day of Dialog in October 2019. His writing career already moving forward was then evaluated by the type of success that makes an author smile. So go on, get your smile on and enter for your chance to smile as an indie author.

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