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October 19, 2021

Overview: Search Engine optimization is a key means of getting traffic to a website these days. The more traffic an author can get to their website, the more they can grow their audience. In the SEO for Authors workshop, we’ll explore basic concepts of SEO, tips and tricks for doing your own SEO, and best practices for authors.

Goals: The purpose of this workshop is to explore and discuss SEO and how it pertains to authors. Good SEO practices can bring traffic to your website and create fans from people looking for books and authors like you. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics of SEO and how to apply it to your website.


Introductions – Who Doc is and his qualifications  

What is SEO? A brief introduction of what SEO is and isn’t, how search engines match a website’s pages to specific queries, and the types of tasks that can be undertaken by authors to optimize their sites for organic search traffic.

Tips and tricks –  A few things to consider: site architecture, linking (internal and external), schema markup, contextual focus, key phrase selection, and more.

How can authors use SEO? Depending upon the technical ability of the author, some tasks are inherently simple, while some can be more complex. This will help you avoid problems if you decide to spread your wings.

Question and Answer – The people in the zoom meeting get to ask the firsts.Get your tickets here.

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Summary: SEO for Authors is a workshop for authors and publishing industry professionals. Understanding and utilizing SEO on your own can seem complex and difficult. Doc Sheldon offers straightforward, fact-based advice and his professional thoughts on how to best use SEO in 2021 for your author website.


Qualifications: With over forty years of professional writing under his belt, and nearly nineteen years of constantly studying the complexities of SEO, combining his efforts between SEO and content strategy seemed to be a logical path.  Doc has founded his own content agency and an SEO agency. He is also co-founder of WebNarwhal, a full-stack development, marketing, and managed-hosting company, as well as co-host of the annual DeepSEO Conference. He is a regular on Bill & Ammon’s Bogus Hangout, a weekly gathering of SEO professionals, discussing various aspects of digital marketing and developments in the SEO industry.

Doc has authored numerous SEO articles for various online magazines and colleagues’ blogs and he manages clients’ sites in the UK, Oceania, and North America.


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