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August 15, 2021

So we would like to take a moment and talk about our supporter membership. The supporter membership has two types: Individual and Agency. When we thought of the supporter membership we wanted a way of including publishing industry professionals and related fields.


What do we mean by related fields? 

We mean vendors and artisans such as jewelry makers, song writers, screenwriters any one we could include to create truly uniquely theme events.  


Who are the supporter members?

 Our supporters members are Literary agents, publishers, podcasters, editors, voice actors, any professional in publishing and its related fields like movie productions and marketing.


Having this combination of publishing industry professionals and related fields enables The Author Encounter to create unique events that are not only fun for readers but benefit the authors too.  


For Instance Ann Rose of the Prospect Agency will be hosting Quelling Your Query Conundrums, a workshop that is part of our Traditional Publishing Day Event. For this workshop Ann will be looking at actual queries sent in by people attending the workshop. She will be talking about how to improve their queries, what general things agents look for in query letters and answering questions about query letters. 


For more information about Traditional Publishing Day 

check out our events page. More information will be posted as it becomes available.Thanks for taking the time to get to know The Author Encounter. 

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