Road Mapping For Your Author Career

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September 14, 2021

Road Mapping For Your Author Career is the first session for Traditional Publishing Day! It will take place September 17,2021. 

Goals: The purpose of this workshop is to explore resources and tools available to authors looking to establish a career in publishing. In this modern digital age there are thousands of options available  from websites to books to online tools. This workshop seeks to explore and present some well researched and quality resources and tools for aspiring and current professional authors. Workshop leader Bethany Averie will share her experiences and research efforts through the workshop which also includes a Q&A and discussion section so that everyone can share and learn together. 



Exploring author goals 

Career research 

Professional networking and social media

Q&A and discussion

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Qualifications: Bethany Averie has been a professional author for over a decade. She’s a 5-time published author of Fantasy/Paranormal novels, an avid reader, graduate of Writer’s Digest School in Short Story & Novel Writing course, and Co-Founder/Co-Owner of The Author Encounter. As a critique-partner for several authors, she goes beyond the call of duty when assisting authors in polishing their novels for publication. As an author she has spent years researching and exploring resources in the publishing community that she will share through this workshop.



 Road Mapping For Your Author Career offers a look at resources, and options available to authors and publishing professionals. Shifting through the barrage of websites and tools can be difficult, and time consuming. Bethany Averie offers expert author-to-author options for resources and tools to help guide an inspiring author along their chosen career path.

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