Pinterest in 2021 for Authors

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October 19, 2021

Overview: Moving forward is a must for everything, even social sites and search engines. Pinterest rolled out new changes to their platform this year that has some people celebrating and others confused and wondering where their traffic has gone to. In last years workshop we focused on mindset and intention. In this year’s workshop Pinterest in 2021, we will explore the changes to Pinterest, how to make the changes work for you, and what pins ideas work for authors.

Goals: The Goals of Pinterest in 2021 is to explore and discuss the recent changes to the Pinterest  algorithm and how they affect an author account on Pinterest. Pinterest is a powerful platform that can help build awareness, community, and traffic for an author’s brand. This workshop seeks to answer questions and guide authors and other publishing professionals in how to fully utilize the platform.





Mindsets and purposes

Changes to platform

What to post, when, how?

Question and Answer


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Summary: Pinterest in 2021, is an interactive workshop for authors and publishing industry professionals. Exploring and Mastering Pinterest on your own can be difficult. Nan Jenkins offers fact base advice and  professional thoughts on how to get the most out of your Pinterest account in 2021.

Qualifications: Nan Jenkins is the Co-founder and Co-owner of The Author Encounter. She is a member of the Pinterest Business Community for platform creators. She has worked in SEO for several years now and loves to share knowledge. In this workshop, you will get to ask questions as Nan shares her experience and knowledge with you.

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