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October 5, 2021

The Author Encounter is Excited to welcome new author members Tracy Diane, Tom Phillips and Syrie James.

You may remember Tracy from our Creating Book Lovers Event in august of this year. Tom Phillips was part of the Traditional published authors panel for Traditional publishing day. Syrie James will be on the panel of Independent authors for Indie author day November 12-12, 2021. For more information about our new members check out their short  Bio Below and click on their names to visit their webpages were their full bios can be found.

Professional photo of author Tracy Diane

Tracy Diane


Tracy worked as an environmental consultant for many years, and then she took her love of rocks and minerals and turned it into a small business. Mini Me Geology’s line of rocks, minerals, and fossils keep her busy when she is not writing her new Crystal Cave Adventures series. Tracy lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina with her two kids, their very large Great Pyrenees, Brutus, and cute cat, Brooks.

professional profile pic of author Tom philips

Tom Phillips


An investigator and Sherlockian, Tom is an obsessive watcher of crime dramas. Tom also works as the video editor, a script doctor, and a monkey interpreter. Sometimes his dog, Dr. Watson, takes Tom for walks. Often, Tom uses the margin of his bio to hide secret messages for his readers. He believes the only way to educate is to entertain. He is repped by Ann Rose.


professional profile picture of author Syrie James

Syrie James

SYRIE JAMES is the author of thirteen critically acclaimed novels of historical fiction, romance, and young adult fiction that have been international and USA Today bestsellers and won numerous awards. Her books are published in more than twenty languages. A research and story structure maven, Syrie is committed to taking her characters on challenging journeys of growth and discovery.

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