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April 5, 2021

 The Author Encounter is  exited to welcome new member Doc Sheldon! He discover us through February’s Behind the Page interview with Dan Navarro. We are glad he found us and has become a member.  Doc Sheldon books can be found on Amazon. If after reading this bio of him you still want more check out his website.

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Doc Sheldon

After puttering about with various livelihoods during a largely misspent youth, I settled into a 20-year career in business consulting. An attempt at early retirement didn’t end as well as I hoped, so I evolved into a new career in online marketing. That eventually led me to letting my fingers dance across a keyboard, in hope of something intelligible emerging. I figured Tom Clancy could use the competition.

My current fascination is writing fiction – military thrillers, to be precise. They say even a blind squirrel will trip over the occasional acorn… so maybe I’ll get lucky. The series of Jake McCluskey books is my current acorn-seeking mission.

My engineer’s mindset drives me to what some might consider an unhealthy degree of detail. So don’t bother trying to find errors – weapon specifications, travel time, restaurant locations, and the like are my bread and butter. Besides, I’m incredibly stubborn and I’d probably just discount you as a subversive crackpot. So you’ve been warned.

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