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December 22, 2020

Priya Prithviraj is a poet, writer and the author of ‘Purple Kisses’ (The Linnet’s Wings Press, 2017). Her work has appeared in the New Plains Review, Tower Journal, Torrid Literature Journal, and Eastlit among others. With futhor introduction here is the exclusive interview with her brought by The Author Encounter.

Tell us what you like about your home country? Does your culture influence your writing?

My country is India and I think what I like the best about India is the cultural diversity that we have. I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to live in different states in the country, getting to see and appreciate the diverse culture and traditions.  


Who do you feel has influenced your poetry the most?


I think we are always influenced in some way or the other by the books we read and especially as writers, we tend to absorb certain elements of writing because we want to write the kind of books we like to read. I have always enjoyed reading stories and poems translated from the Japanese, and I personally do feel that it has influenced my style of writing, be it prose or poetry. My poetry is inspired by nature and is pretty visual, as is Japanese literature. My book of poetry ‘Purple Kisses’ was a poem I wrote one summer inspired by a wall of bougainvillea I saw. 


Do you write any other types of prose?

It is poetry that I mostly write and I would like to be remembered as a poet. However, lately I have been venturing into writing literary fiction in shorter and longer forms. 


What is your favorite holiday?

My favourite holiday has to be Christmas. I like the cold weather and that feeling that the year is coming to an end. I also like the festive vibes around Christmas and my fondest memories of childhood are about decorating the tree and making Christmas cards for friends and family.


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