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March 17, 2021

D. C. Gomez is a USA Today Bestselling Author, born in the Dominican Republic, and grew up in Salem, Massachusetts. She joined The Author Encounter in September. D.C. Gomez will host New Year, New Mindset on March 20,2021. Read on to learn more about her. 

What is your favorite type of story?

I love urban fantasy stories. The combination of the supernatural mixing with a real location is pretty exciting for me. Add a bit of action, fun characters, and a mystery to solve and I’m hook. 


When did you discover a love for the written word?

I was a freshman in high school taking TV studio when I discover my love for story-telling. My passion for the written word truly blossom in college, when I started writing scripts. There is something absolutely mesmerizing about creating a world on the page. 

What inspired you to start writing non-fiction?

My non-fiction series came as a surprise to me. As part of my career I’m a teacher and a mentor, and this strange idea came to me that I needed something to complement the material I was teaching. The devotional series was absolutely inspired by God. It was not something I had planned to do, and for a while I resisted the desire to write them. I’m extremely excited that I stop fighting that journey and just let the words take shape. That series is a lot more personal and vulnerable for me, but I do hope they are able to help and inspire others to heal and grow. 


Tell us about your podcast and who do you hope to inspire with it?

Inside the Minds of Authors is an interview show focus on popular and up-and-coming authors. My goal is to provide a venue for readers to connect with authors in a very relax and personal way. When I started my writing career, I couldn’t find anyone that wanted to hear about my book. With the podcast, my goal is to give authors that opportunity to share their words in a safe environment. The format of the podcast is design to give that feel for both the authors as well as the listeners. We starts the program with each author reading a piece from their books, then we jump to a short conversation. 


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How is your podcast different from your bi-weekly Facebook show?

While the podcast is focus on featuring authors and their books, the Facebook show is focus on personal development. Chit-Chat with DC, the Facebook Live, is all about helping people start living their Best Lives Now, by giving them tools and tips to become more intentional in achieving their goals. I covered topics from goal setting, the Law of Intentionality, Forgiveness, and things that would motivate and encourage the viewers. 


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