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August 1, 2021

Get To Know Us, The Author Encounter series is Here. This series can be found on The Author Encounter blog usually on Sundays. However, we reserve the right for special occasions and sometimes just for opinionated things that we feel you should know to post on other days.


The purpose of this series is to answer questions and satisfy curiosities about The Author Encounter. We realize we are a new breed of company. Being a new breed of company raises people’s curiosities about what we do, what we offer, and how you can best benefit from them. We wish to answer those questions and hopefully get to know as many people as possible as we do.


So this August as people are preparing to go back to school. We invite you to join us. Talk to us. Get to know The Author Encounter.

In a way, go back to school with us, learn about us from this series, learn about author careers through our events and join us during our Back to school reader membership sale.

Our reader level membership, is usually $20 annually, not monthly,annually. It’s on sale for back to school.



image of back to school sale for the reader level membership of The author encounter
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Who’s the reader level membership for? 

 Well, it was designed for the fans. Book Lovers and readers alike supporting and engaging the authors they love.


How does this price compare to other levels?


The Supporter level is for publishing industry professionals and related industries. It’s more expensive than the reader level because it comes with access to industry specific services and benefits. The Author level membership is free for published authors with ISBNs. However, in today’s world there are many authors and inspiring authors who don’t have ISBNs so they join The Author Encounter on the reader level I guess you could call it authors supporting authors. In addition to librarians, teachers, book reviewers, and just about anybody who loves to read and engage in literary type events.


So if you’re a reader and fan, we invite you to join us on the reader level. Not quite sure if you’re ready to join, follow this series, get to know us, to get your questions answered. We look forward to talking with you, drop a message in the comments and check out our events page for our next event.

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