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August 22, 2021

The Get To Know Us series is a weekly series here on the author encounter blog. This series answers questions about us and talks about varied subjects of interest. This week’s question is also about support members.


What related industries or fields are included in the supporter membership?

 Related fields and industries include vendors and artisans such as jewelry makers, song writers, screenwriters, anyone we could include to create truly uniquely book theme events.


For example, Chris J. Hudson is a supporter member. He is a singer, songwriter and voice actor. He has worked on audio books, book trailers, and voiceovers. Chris J. Hudson credits include: Narration of Divine Love, book 1 of the Immortal Dreams Trilogy for Amazon’s Audible audiobook service. He voiced Alex, a bionic cat in the Amazing Grace sci-fi family series pilot. Hudson has also recorded for NPR Southern Arizona, narrated a movie trailer for the science documentary Curiosity, and has done voiceover for Children’s Education materials company Learning A-Z. His voice acting credits include the Victoria Colmegna Art exhibition at Park View Gallery in downtown Los Angeles. Chris’s on-screen work includes a Super Bowl commercial for HSL Properties for CBS, and a promo for the Travel Channel’s Booze Traveler. He’s currently  seeking anime and voice over opportunities.


Want to get to know Chris for your next audio project? Join us on August 27, 2021 for a Behind the Page interview with Chris J. Hudson. 


Thanks for joining us this week’s Get To know series. Have questions, leave them in the comments and we will answer asap.

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