Get to know the Founders Week 2

profile pictures of the founders of The Authors Encounter Bethany Averie and Nan Jenkins

August 30, 2020

Here is the second part of the interview with the founder! We hope your enjoying getting to know the founders better and will follow along on this jouney with us.

If you could live inside one of your favorite novels, would you do it?


 Bethany: No! I don’t mind reading novels, but I don’t want to live them. Especially not the ones I write—who wants to face down Eris? Or encounter HARPIES? Or Gremlins or cannibals? I mean, seriously! I’m not in great shape here—I’d need to do some serious endurance training to prep for something like that.


Nan: Maybe I wouldn’t mind being marry to a hockey player, if  they were like the characters in my favorite books.



profile pictures of the founders of The Authors Encounter Bethany Averie and Nan Jenkins

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What’s your favorite way to unwind?


Bethany: Lately? Hulu with seasons of “Scrubs” on the screen. Or a book.  Or, with my husband when he’s off from work—we’ll sit and watch a show together. At the moment, it’s been Animation on our Funamation account.


Nan: with my kindle of course.


Are you a planner or a pantser type of person? (Planner/plotters plan everything out. Pantsers go by the seat of their pants).


Bethany: I’m a mix in my writing—I plan what I can and pantser the rest. With the company and life, I generally like to plan things out.

Nan: I am a natural scatter brain but when I do make plans thing go so much better. An for my attempts at writing I am a planner all the way.



Which authors would you want to have as members of The Author Encounter?


Bethany: Anyone who wanted to join. But of course, Lynn Kurland, Christie Craig, Tess St. John, I think Kerrelyn Sparks is a member (I’ll have to double-check), Avery Flynn, Robin Covington, Bethany Blake, Shanna Swendson, Raymond Benson, Jennifer L. Armentrout, Belle Ami, Samanthya Wyatt, Syrie James, Katie McGarry (love Katie, she’s one of my favorite YA authors and I’ve been watching her career since before she was even published!) Susan Muller, Mary Lindsey, Sophie Jordan, Jennifer Bray-Weber, Josephine Angelini, Kiera Cass, so, so many. Even Non-Fiction! Really anyone interested I’d like to have on board.


Nan: I’d love to have Samantha Waylaid, Michelle Mills and  R.G. alexander just to name a few.

 Joining us next week for the 3rd and final interview segment.

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