Get To Know Our Founders!

Nan Jenkins and Bethany Averie Founding members of The Author Encounter

August 15, 2020

The Author Encounter wouldn’t exist without the creativity and know-how of our two founders, Bethany Averie and Nan Jenkins. Bethany is a published YA author of the Immortal Dreams series: Divine Love, Astral Love, Immortal Love, and Perfect Love. Nan Jenkins is a virtual assistant, owner/operator of Pin & Go Management. We thought it would be fun for you all to get to know them better. So, we’ve emailed them each these questions and posting them on our blog for you to “encounter” them.


So, without further ado, we’re posting this in Q&A format, so take it away, ladies!

 What made you co-found The Author Encounter?


Bethany:  Originally, I just had an idea to do the Books & Beauty event.  But when I approached Nan with my idea, it turned into something bigger and I realized we needed a “parent company” to sponsor the ideas we had. But a lot of the credit for it going from an event to a whole company goes to Nan. She’s a real go-getter and fearless. If you want something done, partner with her. She makes magic happen. I just throw out ideas. LOL


Nan: Truth , I was a wedding planner for a short time and I really missed planning events. This gave to opportunity merge my two favorite hobbies!!! Reading and small parties together.

Nan Jenkins and Bethany Averie Founding members of The Author Encounter

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What are your favorite genres to read?


Bethany: Young Adult (YA) and Romance primarily. I write YA Romance, so it’s a natural inclination to read it. I also enjoy a cozy mystery and, on occasion, a Thriller or Suspense. I also enjoy some Non-Fiction and classics. Grimm’s Fairy-Tales, too and Greek Mythology.


Nan: I enjoy everything from nonfiction  to fiction but I most often read romance of some kind whether it be fantasy romance or historical romance even a cozy little mystery romance would be great for me!

Who are three (3) of your favorite authors?


Bethany: Only three? Hmm, that’s a toughie. It depends on the genre. If we’re talking Romance, I’d go for Christie Craig, Lynn Kurland, and Kerrelyn Sparks. Sure, they’re my friends and colleagues, and mentors. But they also are fantastic authors. And there are MANY others in Romance that are my favorites. In terms of my YA genre, there are too many…I mean, you’ve got C.C. Hunter, and Katie McGarry, Kiera Cass, Beth Fantasky , Jennifer L. Armentrout, Mary Lindsey…too many choices. Of course, Tess St. John’s Romantic Suspense. Syrie James, Will Graham, John Grisham, Laura Childs, Joanna Fluke. Chick-Lit, Shanna Swendson’s ENCHANTED INC. Series. Rom-Com, Avery Flynn. One of my favorite Christmas Romances is by Robin Covington.


Nan: That’s always a really hard question to answer because it changes with age and mood all the time. The outlander series from Diana Gabaldon was my favorite for the longest time. However, I discover Samantha Wayland Hat trick series and forever fell in love with Hockey players. Its currently my go to comfort series. As for the third I am a Jane Austin fan for life.




Well, I hope the first part of our new series “Get to know the founders!” We enjoyed making it that’s why we decided to saparate the interview in to parts and make it a feature in our Social Media calender! So if you like this please follow along every Sunday For “Get to know the founders!”

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