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January 2, 2021

With 2020 gone and a new year beginning, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Second issue of our quarterly email newsletter. Our Quarterly newsletter is sent out during the first week of every quarter, with dates and events that will happen throughout that quarter. 

The format will allow members and subscribers of the newsletter advance notice of upcoming experiences and events that are not only organized by The Author Encounter but also by Supporter Members. It will also include features about members and their events plus highlights about new authors and other members.  With these early dates, we hope to give subscribers inside access to what we have been researching, organizing, and planning. We hope this will be a welcome addition to your inbox and encourage you to subscribe.


We are dedicated to increasing visibility for authors and building better engagement for readers. That is why we feel reaching out through email with pertinent information is a great way to connect. Our goal with this newsletter is to give early access and information. That will help both our members and subscribers to better connect with each other and our events. We feel once  per quarter is a great way to give people information without adding to anyone’s already overfilled inbox.

As with most things that we do, we also view our newsletter as an excellent opportunity to learn and try out new innovations.  It will be exciting to assess how our members are engaging with and using the early access. Thus, we will welcome any feedback and will seek to continually improve with each issue. It is through this ongoing learning that we look to gain more knowledge, insight, and ideas that we will pass along to our current and future members.


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