Christmas Gift From TAE

flyer for sale on membership to the author encounter

December 21, 2020

This year is coming to an end. We here at The Author Encounter want to give you the gift of saving! We have two membership levels on sale until the end of the year. The Reader level membership and the Supporter level membership are 25% off.

Who is the Reader level membership for?

The reader level membership was created for people who love to read and want more unique  experiences from the books and authors they love. Our reader level members include Book Reviewers, Aspiring Authors, and Booklovers from all over the world.


What are the Benefits of Reader level membership? 

As a reader you get discounts and special access to Encounters and Experiences presented by The Author Encounter. You also get access to our growing on demand library and email Q&A sessions after events.

Who is the Support Membership for?

The Support membership was created for industry professionals. We currently have literary agents, editors, and voice actors to name a few.

What are the Benefits of Supporter  level Membership?

As a supporter you get direct access to your target audience. We offer a number of free and paid services such as press releases, social media support,  event organization and management.

What does The Author Encounter have to offer its Readers and Supporters?

In a word, opportunity. We offer the opportunity to meet and connect in the publishing industry with professionals and fans of all levels. We specialize in small intimate events where everyone gets a change to talk and learn. We believe the first step in falling in love whether with a book or your career is to engage and experience so you can learn and grow.


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