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What is Behind The Page?

Behind The Page; Industry Interviews with Bethany Averie is a new online series presented by The Author Encounter. The show’s format includes Bethany talking with guests, but also includes audience participation through short Q&A sessions. We hold these interviews with various industry professionals online on a Friday at 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern. Those who wish to attend may do so. Replay option will be available to Members ONLY. Please register ahead of time. In order to keep the intimate feel for each interview, space is limited.


Why have the audience on mute with screens off?

The feel of the interview supposed to be like you’re at a conference and sit at a table where you overhear industry professional talking.


Why do we have to register?

At The Author Encounter, we believe in customer care. Information we collect at registration helps make sure you have the best possible experience. For example, reminder emails and personal customer service.


Why is space limited?

We want each person to feel like a part of the interview. That is why we keep the actual audience small. So that each person has a chance to speak with the person being interviewed (usually with the camera on them)


The series began with an episode titled “Interview with Agent Hannah Van Vels” in November 2020 with new interviews every other month. Bethany and Literary agent Hannah Van Vel talked and answered industry questions. Behind the Page, will kick off a new season for 2022 with an interview with author D.C. Gomez. Followed by a new industry interview once a month.

Christie Craig/C.C.Hunter

Christie Craig

December  17, 2021

professional profile shot of author D.C Gomez

D. C. Gomez

January 7, 2021

image of author Robin Covington

Robin Covington

February 11, 2021

professional picture of Deb ewing

Deb Ewing

April  23, 2021

profession picture of chris J hudson voice actor

Chris J.Hudson

August 2021

flyer for behind the Page a publishing interview series

Hannah VanVels

November 13, 2020

professional image of American screen writer Meg La Fauve

Meg LaFauve

December 4, 2020

Dan Navarro

February 19,2021

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