Author Membership Changes

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October 22, 2020

2020 has been a year of innovation and discovery as many businesses find new ways to engage customers while keeping their distance. This is especially true for small business based on traditional in person encounters like The Author Encounter that launched in March of 2020 with the goal of increasing visibility for authors through intimate uniquely themed events.On Thursday, October 22, 2020, The Author Encounter announced the author level membership acceptance policy would change to a 3 step process. 

 Adapting with times and conditions caused by novel coronavirus pandemic The Author Encounter changed their focus from in person events to online experiences centered around  engagement and visibility for its members.This evolution has led to a need for a change in author membership acceptance procedure and policy. Beginning immediately, each new applicant to The Author Encounter  will have to go through the 3 step process: Application, Audit and Interview. “This new  process will help new author members understand the potential for engagement and visibility that The Author Encounter has to offer.” says Co-founder Nan Jenkins.

As coronavirus continues to impact the publishing industry, traditional means of interacting and engaging with fans is increasingly  difficult. The Author Encounter is reacting to create safe and engaging experiences for fans and authors to connect. By implementing this new membership application process for authors, it allows author membership to remain free while giving the authors a chance to get to know the company before joining.


About The Author Encounter


The Author Encounter is a Company of Authors and Readers. Communicating and Connecting through great literary events online and in-person all year round.  The Author Encounter is building  a strong social media presence, with content on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and their informative blog. The Author Encounter was founded by   Bethany Averie, and  Nan Jenkins. Headquarters is based in Houston, TX. To learn more about The Author Encounter visit their website:


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