About The Author Encounter

The Author Encounter (TAE) is a unique author promotion community created to promote, assist, and support authors and industry professionals in reaching their career goals. The Author Encounter hosts, promotes, and organizes events for both individuals and agencies in the publishing and related industries. TAE also provides one-of-kind opportunities and tools to authors and publishing industry professionals to network and grow in the publishing industry.

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What can The Author Encounter do for you?

By combining expert promotion techniques, fan engagement options, and a supportive community, TAE provides an essential resource to help you reach your author or publishing industry career and business goals. By taking advantage of all TAE offers, you can become:

  • better promoted to raise awareness
  • better connected in the publishing industry, and
  • empowered by a supportive community with the same goals.

The Author Encounter is an amazing community of liked minded people growing and working together to enrich our lives. The events are top-notch full of practical information for both authors and readers alike.

DC Gomez

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Customized events just for you

When you join The Author Encounter, we talk with you personally about your goals as an author or agency and how we can create events and opportunities to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we offer events and opportunities in a variety of formats, including:

  • Author interviews
  • Networking with podcasters,literary agents, and other industry influencers
  • Live online events to promote and raise awareness 
  • Articles and Features to increase SEO
  • Podcast and Blog tours
  • Organize and run giveaways, raffles, and influencers activities

A Personal touch to help you get to your goal

Together with helpful events and opportunities, TAE also actively works with authors and agencies to learn and practice the most up to date professional and business  methods in the industry. With your subscription, you can take advantage of:

  • Consulting, personal one-on-one consulting for members in areas of publishing, promotion and SEO.
  • Resources,  in addition to having resources available to members on our website we also provide resources requested by members when possible.

A New Breed of Company

The Author Encounter Limited Liability Company has a Social Purpose. As a social purpose company, TAE is able to pursue both social and financial goals in the for-profit context. This means that agencies and individuals that partner or invest with us are able to share in the profits.

Try something new!

Author Membership is free for authors with a verified ISBN. Other levels of membership require an annual fee for more information check out our membership page.