3 Lovely Literary Types of Costumes!

October 17, 2020

Which would you choose?

Truthfully, There are so many more ideas and bookish costumes to choose from than the 3 I picked for this List. However, my only goal here was to inspire you to join in some Halloween fun with The Author Encounter.

The Author Encounter is Having an online Literary Halloween Contest! For details go here: https://theauthorencounter.com/halloween-costume-contest/

Let’s start this list off with fantasy types like elves and princesses or maybe prince elves? Who doesn’t  love a good elf story? Plus dressing up as an elf can be easy or hard depending what story you’re getting your inspiration from. I find as long as you get the ears correct most people will love the costume.

I jumped at the chance to kick off this list of book and literary character costumes with such a sweet character type as an elves, because  storybooks and fairytales are usually teeming with all different types of elf characters. On this list, you’ll find a wide variety of Halloween costume ideas from classic and popular books to our indie authors. From the well known author J.R.R.Tolkien elves to Kerrlyn Sparks elves, elves aren’t the first “literary Halloween costumes” you’d think of, are they? That’s what I thought! I hope talking about elves costume ideas will help get your literary juices flowing. 



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Next up on our lovely list of literary costumes Warrior Women, Witches or just strong female characters. Okay you caught me this is another favorite of mine, leather clad women saving the day. Or just well dressed and solving the case doesn’t matter. It’s still fun to dress up and be them for halloween.Try Aubrey from Lavender and Cinnamon by Monica Laport or Angela Renatus from Belle Ami’s The girl who adored Rembrant.

Okay let’s not leave out the men… how about Celtic Warriors like

Conall Mac Gabhann from author  David H. Millar’s Conall: The Place of Blood – Rinn-Iru and the ever popular Jamie From Diana Gabaldon  Outlander There is something about a man in plaid with an accent and a sword fighting the good fight that keeps this reader reading.

This is a family friendly contest so let’s not leave out the beloved children’s characters like Rupert the bear. Take a look at this picture from our pinterest board with author Terry Jones as Rupert the Bear. Or this picture of a boy in a white bear costume also that would be great as representing the white bear from author Glenda Higgins book Legend of the Spirit Bear.

So many ideas to choose from this halloween! I hope I have inspired you to join in the fun with The Author Encounter literary Halloween costume contest. I can’t wait to see what people come up with. Do you have any ideas? Comment below I would love to hear them!


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